Life of Mouse - Fun Game for Kids from Arth iSoft on Vimeo.

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Looking for a game that’s fun, addictive, intuitive, replayable? Look no further here’s a new game Life of Mouse by GameiMax

Life of Mouse strikes a balance between challenge and fun, but it good fit for all type of players the intuitive will feel natural regardless of your skill levels

Life of Mouse is available with DOZENS of Mini - Games in one exclusive game. This games feature of hours of gameplay, all mini-games filled with light-hearted humor and achievement to keep you coming back for more. Easy to pick up yet its challenging to master. Life of Mouse will have your fingers begging for more alone time with the cutest mouse on your device.

The game is of 30 ACTION PACKED MINI-GAMES, badges, and more!

**** How to Play?? ****

Level - 1

Tap the mouse till it turns blue

Level - 2

Tap on each mouse 3 times and don’t miss any

Level - 3

Tap the blue mouse 5 times then green mouse 5 times

Level - 4

Tap the green mouse when the time is exactly 5,000

And more then 20 Levels Included

So what are you waiting for? Get tapping. Get Life of Mouse today…!!!

Ultimate Cricket Tournament - Latest Cricket Game from Arth iSoft on Vimeo.

Be ready all cricket fans , play real cricket on your mobile or tablet. Play with your cricket team and win the match. Feel like a real cricket match in this authentic game “Ultimate Cricket Tournament”. You need 141 runs to win in 20 overs in this game. Letís start to play this GameiMax game .

Play with exciting modes of game “Play view”, “Dress up View”. Get your players ready with best cricket outfits. Select your outfit and equipment for your players. Then start to hit the run and win the match.

Reach the target score in the fastest time, dominate your opponents
Get your eyes on ball; choose direction to hit at left side or right side
Complete Scoreboard Analysis showing how your batsman have performed

** Features: **

- Full user control
- Choose special mode to play
- Variety of cricket clothing to choose like pads, helmet, cap, glows and shoes.
- Choose your favorite bat and ball.
- Simple pick up and play controls for batting & bowling.
- Graphics like realistic cricket match.

Water Fun - Kids Game - Official Trailer by Arth I-Soft from Arth iSoft on Vimeo.

Hey kids!!! Are you ready for fun then let’s join with us, GameiMax has arrived with amazing kids game “Water Fun” there is lots of fun with water inside the game so let’s start to play.

Many activities included inside the game like Fish Catching, Fill the bucket with water, fix the broken water pipes in garden, fill the jug with water, and crush the balloons filled with water, through the balloons and more, Players have to finish all the activities with carefully and finish each level very as quickly.

** How to play?

- Fish Catching: You need to collect fishes from water very carefully ensure that don’t catch other thing otherwise you will get minus point.
- Fix the pipe: In garden a water pipe is broken so players have to join it properly & give water to plant.
- Fill the bucket: You need to fill bucket with water very carefully and get the points.
- Fill the jug: Its also interesting activity fill empty jug with water with carefully and win very fast
- Many other activities included which make this game more interesting.

** Key features:

- Different fun activities
- Win the starts after complete level carefully
- Designed with nice graphics & attractive sound
- Free to download.

Download now this interesting Water Fun kids game and have a lots of fun.

First Aid Treatment for Food Poisoning Gameplay Video by Arth I-Soft from Arth iSoft on Vimeo.

Want to be super doctor?? Here is the perfect opportunity…
Our cute adorable kids were playing and by mistake they had eaten something erroneous. Now they are suffering from food poisoning. A very cool First Aid Treatment for Food Poisoning Kid’s Game By GameiMax.

Oh no! Emma, Sophia, Allena and Ruby need doctor immediately. Help those little ones to be themselves when you give them first aid treatment. You can use different tools to check her then feed her water to do puke and remove all foodstuff from stomach.

After curing them you can enjoy playing all 4 mini challenging games with those kids.

::-> Features Choose from four cute kids
~~> Tap to mix all fruits and mix
~~> Tap to select different doctor tools
~~> Amazing realistic doctor game
~~> Enjoy playing 4 mini games
~~> Endless fun

::-> What’s inside??
~~> 4 cute adorable kids
~~> Different realistic doctor tools
~~> Food to feed kids
~~> 4 mini challenging games

Be super doctor and cure your little friends with addictive fun game…!!!

Monster Crazy Hospital - Official Trailer by Arth I-Soft from Arth iSoft on Vimeo.

The malodorous monster game on app store has been arrived. This all monster needs doctor help to cure their injury, Can you help them out? Become the ultimate monster Doctor.

Monster is always scary character for kids. But in Crazy Monster Hospital the toddler have to rescue all monsters by giving them surgery treatment and get relief them from pain.

Oh no..!!! all those monster needs a treatment, be a real doctor for them & start the treatment by giving them pleasant bath and making them clean. Use pus remover to remove pus from face. Noticed that their eyes are paining and had become reddish so use eye drops and. Then brush their teeth and cut their dirty nails, use others tools to cure them from injury.

What’s inside the Game:

~~> Different monsters to choose from
~~> Tap to select from different tools
~~> There are amazing medical tools to give them treatment like x-ray machine, oxygen mask and more.
~~> Diagnose the monster with different tools
~~> Smooth and fun game play
~~> Easy and efficient drag over
~~> Designed with beautiful graphics

Download this fun game and become doctor today…!!!

Animal Doctor Braces - Game for Kids from Arth iSoft on Vimeo.

Have you ever imagined about treat the animal’s teeth? It’s possible by Animal Doctor Braces. It’s a addictive kids game which developed based on teeth surgery treatment. You will like a real forest environment while play this game. There is a cute animal character inside the game, you have to behave like a professional dentist and give proper dental treatment using dental tools. Kids will learn about basic teeth treatment as well use of medical tools. Two view included inside the game “Care view” & “Braces View”. In care view apply basic treatment before start braces treatment. In other season Put braces on animal’s teeth properly.

Features included inside the game:

1. Care View

=> Brush the teeth
=> Check heart beat using stethoscope
=> Measure body temperature using thermometer
=> Measure the blood pressure

2. Braces View

=> Remove germs
=> Green teeth remove
=> Black teeth remove
=> Water spray
=> Water dryer
=> Teeth moral
=> Teeth bonding
=> Put on braces

This addictive game for kids is free to download. Grab it now and enjoy!!!

Cat and Dog Doctor - iPhone-iPad-Android Kids Game (Gameplay Video) By Arth I-Soft from Arth iSoft on Vimeo.

GameiMax has arrived with Cat & Dog Doctor. Kids will learn basic medical treatment with fun while they play this game.
Inside the game did you see that Cat and Dog with painful expression? They are not feeling well due to some pain in their body. You have to behave like a real doctor and help those animal to get relief from pain. First apply basic treatment such as check heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature. Then you can see there is some problem with his eyes because it’s looking radish so treat it by eye drops. Then scan patient’s body using x-ray machine, find wrecked bones and cover it with plaster to fix them. Funniest thing is that you can paint plaster by colorful pencil. Make the patients happy by giving proper treatment.


==> Injection is used to be done in pill form or through it.
==> Pus remover is used to remove pus.
==> Cotton is used to remove a blood and remove wounds.
==> Ice is used for remove swelling
==> X-ray is used to scan your toe.
==> Painkiller-Spay is used to relief from toe pain.
==> Colorful and funky bandage for injured part
==> Cream for saving injured part from infection.
==> Plaster is used to recover wrecked bones from injury.

It’s really a very addictive game for kids.